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Sprinklebytes aims to create innovative technologies that positively influence lives

Our journey so far


Sprinklebytes is a startup based in Bangalore which aims to provide best in class technologies. We are linked with some of the best schools in the world and also tied up with domain experts in different countries like Israel, Singapore, Italy , USA etc.

Sprinklebytes on one hand focuses on projects that positively influences lives and on the other creates technologies with potential to directly save lives. We are proud partners of companies like Newstien.

Latest News

Here are some of the snapshots of our journey so far.

Tedx Talk

Gave a talk on my platform Schunivresity

Fol Conference 2019

Invited to IIM for the Fol Conference

Talk at IIT Madras

Gave an insight on Schuinversity and my journey

Our features

Here are some of our features
that we believe we excel in


We aim at providing one of a kind products which way ahead from the rest


We have built one of the finest networks in the world with experts from over 7 countries.


We have one of the finest career counseling platforms offering a unique interactive session

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