Why We are Different

The overarching aim of the company is to develop tools that are within the reach of the common man. With an open mind to collaborate with like minded technopreneurs, Sprinklebytes hopes to be at the forefront of innovation.

Riding on the power of Internet and GPS Sprinklebytes aims to address a huge unmet need to bridge the gap between health care providers and people who require urgent medical attention or information all this possible at the click of a button. Sprinklebytes is a company that develops web based technologies for betterment of our daily lives. Founded in 2018, Sprinklebytes works mainly on developing Internet and mobile tools that belong to 2 classes

A. Those that are life saving and

B. Those that can influence lives positively

Meet The Team

Madhu Bhandari

CEO and Co-founder

Advanced Digital Marketer | Technology Sales Analyst

Rowland Hanson

Advisory Board

Founder and CEO, The HMC Company | Ex Microsoft Vice President (Coined the term Windows)

Nir kouris

Advisory Board

Founder and CEO at NK-Innovation Strategy Marketing,Israel

Tat Saun Koh

Advisory Board

Director, Lifelong Learning, SkillsFuture Singapore

Nitin Pangarkar

Advisory Board

Academic Director, MBA Program at National University of Singapore

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We would love to hear your thoughts and welcome collaborative efforts to
take the platform to the next level .

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